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Sustainable valorization of renewable resources through advanced biorefineries

Scientists from BCBT group at The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability – Technical University of Denmark have discussed and presented the most recent innovations and strategic orientations for the development of advanced biorefineries. The review study was recently published in the journal Bioresource Technology.

The idea of this work was to provide new insights and directions to support the development and large-scale implementation of biorefineries.

Advanced biorefineries, which aim at valorizing different types of renewable biomass resources (e.g. agro-industrial by-products, forestry and aquaculture residues, food wastes, among others) into a wide spectrum of energy carriers and high-value products, are seen today as key to implement a sustainable biobased economy.

Focus of the study was given on the valorization of non-carbohydrate components of biomass (protein, acetic acid and lignin), on-site and tailor-made production of enzymes, big data analytics, and interdisciplinary efforts.

Giuliano Dragone, Abraham Kerssemakers, Jasper Driessen, Celina Yamakawa, Larissa Brumano and Solange Mussatto are the authors of this study.


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