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Biomass Conversion and Bioprocess Technology group works in collaboration with universities, research institutes and companies to support the development of new process technologies or to improve the performance of existing production processes.
By connecting people and integrating new knowledge and expertise, we are able to deliver innovative sustainable solutions to boost the competitiveness of bio-based products.

"Mutually beneficial partnerships of our research group with other research groups or industrial partners lead to strong synergies that facilitates both the commercialization of new products as well as the deployment of more efficient technologies at a large scale"

Partnerships with

Co-financed (collaboration) Model: each partner owns IP.

Commissioned Research: all results / foreground IP owned by the company.

Partnerships with

Joint proposals (national and international) including strategic ​thematic programmes within Horizon Europe (BBI-JU and others), bilateral cooperation and researcher mobility.

Universities /
research institutes
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