Mission and


The mission of Biomass Conversion and Bioprocess Technology group is to develop innovative solutions that can accelerate the development of a bioeconomy.


The ultimate goal of our research is to create a better future, where our resources are used more consciously, the environment is preserved, and our needs are fulfilled in a more efficient, economic and responsible way.

Ongoing projects

Understanding and overcoming physiological stress responses in Yarrowia lipolytica and Rasamsonia emersonii to dissolved O2 and CO2 in fermentation processes. 2019 – 2022. 


Development of a biotechnological process for the production of the antileukemic biopharmaceutical recombinant L-asparaginase: Optimization and economic feasibility study. 2019 – 2022.


WASTE2ENERGY: Integration of supercritical technologies and anaerobic digestion through an automated system for the production of biofuel precursors. 2019 – 2024. 


Process design, optimization and supply chain analysis for biotechnological production of xylitol. 

2018 – 2021. 


Development of an innovative bioprocess for the valorization of lignocellulosic fibers by integrating biomass conversion, cell factory optimization and bioreactor engineering. 2018 – 2021. 


Development of technological strategies and sustainability analysis for the production of ethanol and value-added co-products in Uruguay. 2018 – 2020. 


Lipids and carotenoids production by oleaginous yeasts from lignocellulose biomass. 2017 – 2020. 


WASTE2ENERGY: Integration of the supercritical and anaerobic digestion technologies for the management of water and food waste. 2018 – 2020. 


Development of heteropolyacid catalysts and their application for the production of hydroxymethylfurfural from cellulose. 2018 – 2020.


Bioprocess development using non-conventional yeasts and biomass hydrolysates. 2016 – 2020. 


Development of biorefineries using brewer´s spent grains as feedstock (BSG Refinery). 2016 – 2020. 

Meet the Team

Solange I. Mussatto
Group Leader
Giuliano M. Dragone
Senior Fermentation Scientist
Celina K. Yamakawa
Larissa Pereira Brumano
Zhijia Liu
PhD Student
Jasper Driessen
PhD Student
Bram Kerssemakers
PhD Student
Nikolaus Vollmer
PhD Student
Anna Carolina Piazentin
PhD Student
Marlene Fels
Master Student
Lucas van der Maas
Master Student
Francesca Natalizio
Master Student
Ilaria d'Imperio
Master Student
Francesco Reggianini
Master Student
Eric Ebert
BSc Student

Former Members

Luana de Fátima Alves – University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil – 2019


Kittipong "Nat" Rattanaporn – Kasetsart University (KU), Thailand – 2019

Ratthapong "Mai" Meesupthong – Kasetsart University (KU), Thailand – 2019

Philip Sørensen – Technical University of Denmark (DTU) – 2019

Fernando Bonfiglio – University of the Republic (UdelaR), Uruguay – 2019

Jesper Jensen – Technical University of Denmark (DTU) – 2019

Jules Dior – ESPCI Paris, France – 2019

Fen Qin – Technical University of Denmark (DTU) – 2019

Ioannis Tsontzos – Technical University of Denmark (DTU) – 2019

Emilia Savioli López – University of Campinas (Unicamp), Brazil – 2019

Georgios Moukanakis – Technical University of Denmark (DTU) – 2018

Alexandra Nastouli – Technical University of Denmark (DTU) – 2018

Perikles Marios Sotiris – National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece – 2018

Pablo Doménech Martínez – Technical University of Denmark (DTU) – 2018

Mikkel Reith Mahler – Technical University of Denmark (DTU) – 2018

Laura Kastell – Technical University of Denmark (DTU) – 2018

Astrid Zedlitz Johansen – Technical University of Denmark (DTU) – 2018

Marco Cassano – University of Bari Aldo Moro (UniBa), Italy – 2018

Ignacio Sánchez Moguel – University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil – 2017

Irving Flores Aviles – Wageningen University & Research (WUR), The Netherlands – 2017

Selected publications

Terán Hilares, R; Ramos, L; da Silva, SS; Dragone, GMussatto, SI ; dos Santos, JC. Hydrodynamic cavitation as a strategy to enhance the efficiency of lignocellulosic biomass pretreatment. Critical Reviews in Biotechnology, v.38, p.483-493, 2018.

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