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PhD student attended international conference

PhD student Bhukrit (Turbo) Ruengsrichaiya from BCBT group attended the 46th Symposium on Biomaterials, Fuels and Chemicals, held in Alexandria, VA, USA from April 28 to May 1, 2024.

The meeting was focused on the latest advances in the biotechnological conversion of renewable feedstocks, especially lignocellulosic plant biomass, to fuels, chemicals and biomaterials.

On Monday, April 29, Turbo presented part of his research work in a poster entitled: “Enhancing Kraft Lignin Solubilization and its Biological Degradation through Deep Eutectic Solvent Integration with Bacterial Fermentation”.

His presentation attracted great interest from many of the conference attendees.

Turbo presenting his poster at the 46th SBFC conference


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