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BCBT group present at EUBCE 2019

We were at the 27th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition on 27 - 30th May, 2019.

BCBT group members participated in the EUBCE 2019 that took place in Lisbon (Portugal) chairing oral and poster sessions and presenting their latest scientific researches.

Solange Mussatto chaired the session "Biotechnological conversion of biomass into valuable compounds" where the most recent advances and strategies used for biotechnological conversion of biomass into different high-value products were discussed.

Giuliano Dragone was chairperson of the session "Chemical conversion of biomass into valuable compounds".

Celina Yamakawa presented a poster entitled "Exploiting a new lignocellulosic biorefinery model based on the use of non-conventional yeasts for C5 and C6 fermentation".

Solange Mussatto chairing oral presentations

EUBCE is the leading platform for the collection, exchange and dissemination of scientific and industrial know-how in the field of biomass attracting biomass professionals from around the globe.

Giuliano Dragone chairperson biomass biofuels biobased biorefinery biorrefineria EUBCE
Giuliano Dragone acting as chairperson

The conference programme addressed topics from biomass to bioliquids and biofuels for heat and electricity, transport and bio-based products. It covered all aspects of each value chain, from supply and logistics to conversion technologies, from industrial application of research results to impacts on the environment, from market and trade aspects to policy strategies, not least to the role of biomass as a source in integrated energy systems.

Celina Yamakawa presenting a poster


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