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Course: Techno-economic analysis of chemical and biotechnological processes

BCBT group together with the Chemical Engineering Department at the Engineering College of Lorena - University of São Paulo (EEL-USP) offered the course “Techno-economic analysis of chemical and biotechnological processes” at the EEL-USP campus in Lorena/SP, Brazil from December 10th to 13th, 2019. The course emphasized the importance of techno-economic analysis for decision-making and process execution at industrial level and focused on batch and continuous simulations of biotechnological and chemical processes.

Dr. Solange Mussatto and Dr. Giuliano Dragone from BCBT group along with Dr. João Paulo Alves Silva from EEL-USP participated as instructors.

The course, attended by 23 post-docs, PhD and MSc students, was highly interactive as all the participants had the opportunity to model on their computers the different processes that were proposed.


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