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Book chapter on Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs)

Accounting for 12% approx. of transportation's CO2 emissions worldwide, the aviation sector is increasingly relying on the production and utilization of sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) to achieve its long-term decarbonization goals.

Although a number of technologies are currently available for the conversion of renewable resources into SAFs, only a few of them have reached commercial/pre-commercial scale, while most, still remain in a relatively early stage of development.

Together with scientists from different universities and aviation industry representatives, BCBT group members, Prof. Solange I. Mussatto and Dr. Giuliano Dragone, have recently published a book chapter on the production, use and impact of SAF to promote decarbonization.

In this chapter, the different routes that have been proposed to produce aviation biofuels, their potential to be upscaled and techno-economic perspectives, as well as the impact of SAF on sustainability are presented and discussed. The prospects for a wider production and use of aviation biofuels are also discussed considering the industry’s point of view.


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